Made to Measure - Shirt 1, 3 or 5


1 695 kr

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Get your very own E-F-V MTM Shirts! Unique shirts made from the highest quality fabrics available, customized to your personal size & preferences.

Measurements are taken by an experienced professional in Stockholm at the E-F-V Showroom on St:Eriksplan.

Fabric, collar, cuffs, monogram and various other details are chosen during the appointment.

E-F-V makes sure that the production meets our high quality standards. We calculate the exact measurements of each shirt personally to ensure the fit and style.

Prices and sets

How does it work?

Measuring appointment

You will be greeted at our showroom in Stockholm (different venues will also be available in the future).


Please note!

If you're unsure about the date you wish to have for your appointment, you can purchase the product as a gift card instead!